Gentlemen’s Club Germany X Falke Anniversary

About one year ago we started our collaboration with FALKE – we thought a shooting with 7 gentlemen in underpants and knee-highs would be appropriate in the beginning! Since then we had a lot of chances to show you some FALKE products from their fashion- and stockings section. Unpacking fresh new stockings and put them on our feet is a feeling we are really looking forward for. This year we did not have to freeze in the woods – we had the opportunity to use one of the rooms of the Dorint Park Hotel Bremen for our shooting.


Not only for the upcoming fall/winter season, also for all the following and preciding seasons knee highs are the „MUST HAVE„. The good look is not enough – it has to be comfortable to provide your selfconfidence a certain spice. FALKE sent us some pairs of stockings from their current collection of Airport, Oxford Stripes and Shadow.

Gentlemen Wear Stockings

The current trend leads men to wear slim and short fits. If we want to sit comfortable, to lean back and cross one’s legs, the pant legs get pulled up. To avoid skin shining through between stocking and pant leg, we should always choose knee highs. For the same reason we should also wear knee highs in summer seasons, but fortunately we have „Invisibles“ as an alternative. We really got used to wear kneehighs and do not want to miss them anymore – if you never wore kneehighs, we recommend to do so and let us know your experiences!