Who we are?

Just a bunch of gentlemen, who maintain manners,
celebrate menswear and enjoy lifestyle.

Defining the word „gentleman“ is not easy. It’s almost like a man has to satisfy all attributes of a gentleman’s existence, but on the other hand he has to cast off other attributes to be one. We believe a blend of courtesy, manners, class and a handful of other characteristics give a man the confidence of a well-rounded gentlemen.
We stand up for our city and want to share this with you on our Instagram page and in our blog.
Our club was founded in September 2015 by two friends who share a passion for classy menswear & a classy lifestyle.
On this journey, we will be visiting/trying out different bars and pubs which might be our „clubhouse“. Our goal is to inspire our readers to visit places they have never been to before or to taste/enjoy something different by sharing these locations with them.



For the simple reason that Bremen has a lot of capability and we sneak in the shades of Hamburg & Berlin.


Bremen is a village! But who cares how big your city is and who cares what kind of pairs of Adidas sneakers you own. Feel good and be confident!

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