Pitti Uomo 96 – Review

After a long conversation with a photographer at the airport of Florence, Szymon and I realized that „Streetstyles of Pitti Uomo“ has not the same meaning as two years ago, when we’ve visited the Fortezza da Basso for the first time. When you google „streetstyles“ and „pitti uomo“ you guys will find sneakers, oversized t-shirts and ripped jeans. But actually this is not what the Pitti Uomo is about! The Pitti Uomo is about classy menswear, which means it is about suits, elegance, humbleness, fabrics and combinations. It is not about common streetstyle brands and being super extroverted. It seems that magazines like the GQ, Vogue or Vanity Fair only show the styles of men and women which show special and famous brands which sell better – that is pretty annoying.
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After we skipped the Pitti Uomo 95 in January we decided to go to the Pitti Uomo 96 which officially took place from 11.06.19 until 14.06.19. For this edition we were working with brands like FALKE, Scarosso und AmideHadelin. Szymon and I dressed almost the same for all three days – outfit pictures below from each day. Together with other menswear writers, bloggers and influencers like Johannes Laschet (@joe_laschet), Ralph Widmer (@a.gentlemensworld), Niklas Hoppe (@vintagebursche) & Wilhelm Strängh (@thedonsclub) we spend three wonderful days full of suits, good conversations and a lot of Pizza and Aperol Spritz in Florence. This summer’s edition of the Pitti Uomo was the first time that Szymon and I did not meet a lot of new people – additional to that we also didn’t really review the fair itself. But after we had our review during our flight back from Florence via Frankfurt to Bremen we are pretty excited and motivated to be more active again and eventually redo our website. There are already a few blogposts in the making and even more planned.

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( Photographer: Fabio Rizzetto / @chico_worldwide )

( we also received some pictures from the kind Niklas / @vintagebursche or took some from our camera )

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