The second day in this beautiful city starts with the idea to see it from the top. Okay, I need to explain: It’s already noon and the destination is the „Piazzale Michelangelo“ with the best view over Florence. For anybody who wants to visit Florence – it’s worth it to rise that point. My outfits are limited by the clothes I brought with me to Florence because my luggage was full of Pitti outfits.

Light shoes are a must-have and with 14 C° the tweed jacket keeps me warm but not too warm. Kenneth is joining me with the colorful FALKE socks…they are an eye-catcher!

Sunglasses: MVMT
Shirt: Bespoke
Jacket: DAKS London
Tie: Vinate
Watch: Earnshaw
Pants: H&M
Socks: FALKE
Shoes: Belsire