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Schuhpflege mit LLOYD

Schuhpflege zum Herbst Der Sommer ist vorbei und die Schuhe von der letzten Saison sollen wieder glänzen. Schuhpflege ist wichtig, um dem Schuh ein langes Leben zu bescheren. Zudem entsteht zu dem Schuh eine andere Bindung, wenn dieser von dir mit der Hand gepflegt wird. Wir finden es wird endlich Zeit für diesen Beitrag und haben in diesem Zuge mit unserem [...]

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Pitti Uomo 96 – Streetstyles of Gentlemen’s Club Germany & Friends

Pitti Uomo 96 - Review After a long conversation with a photographer at the airport of Florence, Szymon and I realized that „Streetstyles of Pitti Uomo“ has not the same meaning as two years ago, when we've visited the Fortezza da Basso for the first time. When you google „streetstyles“ and „pitti uomo“ you guys will find [...]


When it comes to fashion it seems like every fashion-conscious man has a similar opinion as our first three influencers showed us. A beautiful three-piece suit, autumn colors, thick fabrics... finally Tweed again! Felt hats instead of Panamahats and also scarfs are wearable again. In the first part we ask Johannes, Dennis and Fabian for an interview - all three had [...]


Gentlemen's Club Germany X Falke Anniversary About one year ago we started our collaboration with FALKE - we thought a shooting with 7 gentlemen in underpants and knee-highs would be appropriate in the beginning! Since then we had a lot of chances to show you some FALKE products from their fashion- and stockings section. Unpacking fresh new stockings and put them [...]


To serve a niche as an influencer is not simple but even more fun when you put the more effort in it and when there are other influencers who serve this niche, too! Classy menswear is definitely a niche in german social media channels. If you are a little bit into this topic and think international, you might get the feeling, [...]

Is the Pitti Uomo changing? – Pitti Uomo 94

Buongiorno a tutti! In advance: IT WAS AMAZING! Last week, Szymon, Rochiester and I were in Florence again. In this beautiful city where the world famous Pitti Uomo takes place twice a year. The ones who follow our blog and/or our instagrams a little longer, know how to review the Pitti Uomo. For the ones who [...]

Crete, Greece

Moin everybody! " Crete and return please! " - that would be great right? I did it! Not that spontaneously, but I did it. Three weeks in advance I booked this trip together with my girlfriend. And this trip brought a lot of positives but also negative experiences with it. But there has just been one negative thing which you [...]

BePrepared – BeWooden

Yes my dear friends, I have a new daily companion! Some of you might think, if you watch Szymon's or my stories, that the new companion is Szymon, since we hang out almost daily at the moment. BUT NO! It's not Szymon! The new daily companion is my first proper business briefcase by BeWooden! And it's been badly needed. [...]

Mario Bemer Firenze – Bespoke Shoes

Already in Summer '17, when we visited the Pitti Uomo in Florence, we met Luca at the stand of Mario Bemer Firenze. We've had a really good conversation and when we asked, if he can imagine to collaborate with us, his reaction was very positive. Unfortunately we couldn't arrange the collaboration in the same week, so we planned to collaborate [...]

LLOYD Germany – New concept store in Bremen

Shoes made in Bremen! Well at least historically seen... Nowadays the shoes of LLOYD Germany are produced in Sulingen, which is not that far away from Bremen. LLOYD Germany recently opened a concept store in the Katharinen-Passage and that's a good reason for us, to visit it! The store is not huge, [...]

Travel Gentleman – Morocco

This is going to be a blog-post about traveling in Morocco, my first one and the first one in this blog. I travelled to Morocco and I really can say it is worth it! In the same time my family, friends and colleagues had to fight minus degrees in their daily business, I've had some adventures on the continent of Africa. [...]

Cardigan – when and how to wear it?

HELL YEAH! Slowly but surely the temperatures are rising! We cannot wait to have the first Aperol somewhere at the river or in a park and enjoy the sun! Dressed dapper with sunnies and a hat! BUT... ...right now the time hasn't come! But there will be a time, where you are not sure, how many layers you should put on. [...]

Van Laack – Tailored Shirts

"...yes, the shirt is good, but it's a little too tight at the chest!" "...sure, the shirt is good, but it slips easily out of the trousers 'cause it's too short!" "...right, the shirt is good, but the sleeves are a little too long!" "...yes, the shirt is good, but the collar size could be better!" "...well, the shirts are good, [...]

OOTD 37# – How to combine a red tie

Many men own a red tie - but in my opinion combining a red tie in the right way is not that easy. Of course you can always combine a red tie with a navy blue suit - but there is always a risk to look like a employee of Deutsche Bahn, if you don't wear it in perfection. [...]

Best Cocktails in Bremen, Germany / M8 – Die Aperitivo Bar

sure - " best cocktails in Bremen, Germany “ is a huge statement and I would never claim that other bars in Bremen mix bad cocktails - the contrary is the case. But all the other bars in Bremen do not have Tatjana! If you’ve been in the „Bobby Lane“ before the renovation or if you’ve been in the [...]

The winter FALKE – OOTD #36

Yes, we work with FALKE! But you already know that. Anyway, I can warmly recommend you a woven coat. The days are getting colder and I really enjoy to wear my outfit from the first day at Pitti Uomo 93. Kenneth will certainly agree with me that wearing a coat like this feels like a cozy blanket at home on the sofa! [...]

Ooh mega – OMEGA

Every gentleman needs a good watch. That’s for sure! So what is more stylish than an OMEGA? Ralph, the editor of A Gentleman's World, is working with OMEGA quiet a long time, so he arranged some beautiful timepieces for us to combine with our outfits. Kenneth knows Ralph from the GQ Gentleman Of The Year 2015 Award, where they made it [...]

OOTD 35# – above Florence

The second day in this beautiful city starts with the idea to see it from the top. Okay, I need to explain: It's already noon and the destination is the "Piazzale Michelangelo" with the best view over Florence. For anybody who wants to visit Florence - it's worth it to rise that point. My outfits are limited by the clothes I [...]

Pitti Uomo 93 – Thoughts & Experiences

Damn it! - the Pitti Uomo 93 was truly a successful event for us! Can’t describe it better than this…lucky me! Made new contacts, cultivated old and new friendships and had pizza & espresso every single day… In return it feels like we walked a hundred kilometers through Florence’s streets! Szymon, Rochiester and I arrived in Florence late Friday before the [...]

May we introduce?! Fabrizio di Paolo!

Kisses left, kisses right - the greeting with Fabrizio Di Paolo was very italian! When I came to the Pitti Uomo (89) with our good friend Ralph Widmer for the first time, I was very lucky being photographed by Fabrizio - at that time it was Fabrizios second time photographing at the Pitti Uomo. In summer 2016 Szymon and I had [...]

OOTD 34# – exploring Florence!

It’s been a long time since I’ve had so much trouble with ups and downs like in the last 48 hours. From last-minute-packing to finalizing collaborations, missing the train and bad Airbnb experiences - everything included! It’s been a long time since I’ve had so much trouble with ups and downs like in the [...]

Pasotti – a special umbrella

Last year Kenneth´s wish was an umbrella from the brand, Pasotti. I was a little bit shocked in regards to how expensive the product is. Why do people invest so much money in an umbrella? When Kenneth informed me a few days before the Pasotti collaboration happened, I checked the online store and it changed my view about the products. But [...]

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